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Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering


  • Based on essential knowledge gained in science, applied mathematics, electronics, and in the fundamental areas of Computer Science and Engineering, graduates should continue to develop career in their profession and research.
  • Graduates develop and exercise their capabilities as professionals to analyze problems and provide computing solution for lifelong learning to enhance their technical and nontechnical skills
  • Graduates will promote design, and implementation of products and services in the field of Computer Science & Engineering through strong communication, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills, for the advancement and development of the society.


  • Students will gain the knowledge of applied mathematics, applied science and allied engineering concepts and the skills to apply them in the fields of computer science and engineering.
  • Students are able to analyze and identify a problem, formulate and define the computing requirements for obtaining appropriate solution.
  • Students will be proficient in designing and developing algorithms and implement them with excellent programming skills to meet the specified needs for health and safety, social economic and environmental consideration.
  • Students can apply their algorithmic principles, and mathematical foundations in computer science to provide solution for complex and computational problems.
  • Students have the ability to create and apply appropriate technical resources and necessary modern software/hardware tools for computing practice.
  • Students will apply the contextual knowledge to understand the impact of computing on individuals, organizations or society.
  • Students are able to demonstrate their knowledge with computing solutions for sustainable development of the social and legal issues.
  • Students will apply their ethical principles and carry out professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of computer science and engineering practice.
  • Students are able to function as an individual member or a leader on multidisciplinary teams.
  • Students are able to write, speak, and present effectively on general and technical issues.
  • Students will enhance their managerial skills and leadership quality to design their projects in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Ability to engage lifelong learning for the continuous professional development.