Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology, Chennai is conducting a National Conference on “Artificial Intelligence-Opportunities and Challenges” on March 20th and 21st, 2020. Brief information about the conference are given below.

About the Conference

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology and solution that enables endowing systems and processes with "intelligence" enabling them to operate autonomously without further human intervention. In recent times, there has been a significant spurt in the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence based solutions for many applications. A major contributor to this development is technology-enabled shrinking-cost of electronics, high-performance compute platforms, large-capacity storage systems and high-bandwidth communication systems. A wide variety of software tools and utilities developed over the past several years have also paved the way for using these high performance systems effectively. Network of systems in a connected world provides further synergistic enhancement to system performance making it possible to realize viable AI solutions that can integrate information and knowledge from many sources. Developments in AI are slowly but surely taking-over many of the activities that are perceived as human strong-hold. AI technology can be highly disruptive with large-scale rapid deployment usurping many job opportunities. Mitigating this risk requires understanding and re-deploying human resources to new "Intelligent" tasks relevant in an AI enabled society. Some of the Immediate opportunities encompass the AI technology itself as development of specific AI solutions require human efforts to design, integrate and validate systems before deployment. With the ability and power to take decisions and function autonomously, AI solutions with incorrect input and data or in the wrong hands can potentially pose threats that work against human interests. It is imperative to be on-guard, create awareness and understand this technology, to ensure smooth transition to harness its power and potential, while safeguarding human interests. It is also necessary to focus attention on potential use-cases of AI that cross ethical boundaries and introduce suitable resolutions to prevent conflicts. The conference aims to create awareness and understanding of AI, while exploring the ramifications of this technology for the future of our society. In addition, the conference attempts to provide technological back-drop for assimilation and deployment of AI for the common good of humanity.

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