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Co Curricular Activities


S.No Event Type Name of the Event Name of the speaker Date Participants Details
1. Workshop Innovation Through Design Thinking Dr. Arvind Chockalingam Director Clean Technology Impact Lab,Taylors University,Malaysia 19.08.2022 III CSE
2. Webinar Cyber Security and Future Opportunities Mr. Rahul Gupta CEI, ECSS, CCT, CND, CEH Kanpur Nagar, UP, India 12.11.2022 IV CSE
3. Guest Lecture Innovation Ideations in Carbon footprint reduction Mr. M. Ashok,Department of CSE,Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology, Chennai 19.11.2022 II CSE
4. Guest Lecture Data Governance towards Data Science Mr. Mohanapriya Bakthavatchalam, Lead Data Engineer, Mr. Cooper, Chennai 22.11.2022 IV CSE
5. Webinar Data and Analytics What it is? Mr. Meher Chaitanya,Lead Analytics Consultant,Next Trucking 15.02.2023 II CSE
6. Seminar Cyber Security Certification and Global Career Possibilities Mr. Balachandar Natarajan, IT HR Product and Advanced Analytics & Cloud Security Governance 18.02.2023 II CSE
7. Workshop Unlearning in Vuca World - How Academics can use Design Thinking for Education Research Advocacy (ERA) Dr.Chockalinga Aravind,Director Clean Technology Impact Lab, Taylors University,Malaysia 28.02.2023 RIT Faculty Members
8. Seminar Hacker’s Role in Cybersecurity Mr. Sibivasan.M,Cyber Security Analyst,TCS,Chenna 29.04.2023 All CSE Students
S.No Event Type Name of the Event Name of the speaker Date Participants Details
1. Guest Lecture Investment Strategies Dr.T.C.Thomas Professor, Rajalakshmi School of Business 18.11.2021 IV CSE
2. Guest Lecture Automation Testing Using Java Mrs.Tharani Sundaram, Software Development Engineer in Test, UTS Global(T – Mobile) Believe, USA 22.11.2021 IV CSE
3. Seminar Overview of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Gaming Technologies Mr.Kishore Kumar,Mr.Prem Anand,Ms.Kalaivani Bala Aatrak Solution Pvt Ltd 10.01.2022 AR&VR center students
4. Guest Lecture Cyber Security Mr.Ravi Shankar Associate Director Technologies 02.04.2022 II CSE
5. Guest Lecture Design and Analysis of Algorithm Ms.T.M.Divya Associate Consultant,Tata Consultant services, Illinois, USA 08.04.2022 II CSE
6. Guest Lecture Magneto Framework Mr.C.Sathyaraj Software Engineer,Ox Softwares Pvt.Ltd., Chennai 09.04.2022 III CSE
7. Seminar Recent cyber Security Threats Mr. Varun Chandrasekhar,Tech Entrepreneur, Chennai 23.04.2022 CSE and C3 center students
8. Guest Lecture Structured Query language Dr.A.Mohan, Professor,Department of Information Security Institute of Computer Science and Engineering, Saveetha University 20.04.2022 Techspark Club & CSE Students
9. Seminar Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Mr.RajKumar Kalaimani, CITIUS Technologies 23.04.2022 III Year
10. Guest Lecture Computer Organization and corporate Readiness Dr.Carmel Felixia Business Analyst, Cognizant,Chennai 29.04.2022 III CSE
11. Workshop Ethical Hacking Mr.M.Sibivasan, EC Council 07.05.2022 II CSE
12. Guest Lecture Exploring the Opportunities of AR/VR in Industry 4.0 Dr.R.Rajkumar SRM Institute of Science and Technology,Kattangulathur, Chennai 07.05.2022 AR&VR center & CSE students
13. Project Expo TECH FEST 2022 Ms.Sivagamy Lakshmi Narayanan,Software Engineer,Microsoft 13.05.2022 Outside Students
14. Symposium TECHUTSAV’22 Dr.Saravanan.N,Principal Engineer,Mahindra Research Valley 14.05.2022 Outside Students
S.No Event Type Name of the Event Name of the speaker Date Participants Details
1. Guest Lecture Text classification using the state of art techniques Ms.Nithya Vasudevan Analyst Data science, Verizon India 08.02.2020 III CSE
2. Guest Lecture Application of Graph Data Structure Mrs. A. Saranya, Assistant Professor, SRM Institute of Science and Technology 20-10-2020 II CSE
3. Guest Lecture Elliptical Curve Cryptography and AES Algorithm Mrs. S. Aruna , Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr), SRM Institute of Science and Technology 19-10-2020 IV CSE
4. Guest Lecture Apache Spark Framework Ms. Dhakshayani Natarajan, Member Technical Staff, Zoho, Chennai 19-10-2020 IV CSE
5. Guest Lecture Ruby on Rails with Microseries Atul Maheswari, Senior Developer, Lumera Sofware Solutions, Chennai 16-10-2020 II CSE
6. Guest Lecture 5G Technology Mr. Krishna S. Diwakar. Sr. Software Engineer, CISCO Systems India Pvt Ltd. Bangalore 13-10-2020 III CSE
7. Symposium Virtual Symposium Technocrats 2021 Ms.Sivakamy Lakshmi Narayanan, Software Engineer, Microsoft 24/04/21 RIT & Other Institution students
8. Guest Lecture LEX and YACC Compilers Dr. G. Suganya, Assistant Director - Software Development Cell, Associate Professor -SCOPE, VIT, Chennai 07-05-2021 III CSEs
9. Guest Lecture Data Base Management System Mr. R. Hariharan, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, Veltech Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai 11-05-2021 II CSE
10. Workshop Zoho Creator- Evolving Application Development- All you need to know! Mr.Bharath Kumar, Head of Customer Experience, Zoho Corporation 06.05.2021 II CSE & III CSE
11. Workshop Zoho Creator- Workshop Tribin Roy & Zoho Team, Zoho Corporation 17.05.2021 to 21.05.2021 II CSE & III CSE
12. Workshop Appathon Tribin Roy & Zoho Team, Zoho Corporation 31.05.2021 to 03.06.2021 II CSE & III CSE
S.No Event Type Name of the Event Name of the speaker Date Participants Details
1. Workshop Empowering Millennials through Engineering Design Thinking: Hands on approach Dr.Chockalingam Aravind Vaithilingam, Associate Professor, Electrical & electronic Engineering, Engineering Edcuation Lab, Subang, Malaysia. 13-08-2019 IV CSE
2. Workshop Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning with Python Mr.M.Ramaswamy, Project Lead, MLCES IT Pvt.Ltd 17-08-2019 III CSE
3. Workshop Network/Endpoint/ Information Security Mr.Dillip Kumar Free Lancer, Network Security, Chennai 30-08-2019 IV CSE
4. Guest Lecture Selinium and Automation Mr. Anand kumar Karthikeyan, QA Techlead, Mr.Cooper,Chennai. Mr.Vasanth Chidambaram, 21-09-2019 III CSE
5. Guest Lecture Graphs and its application Dr.P.Revathy, Associate Professor, Rajalakshmi Engineering College 24-09-2019 II CSE
6. Workshop Visual Effects Mr.V.SriHari Free Lancer, Visual Effects Chennai 07.02.2020 II CSE
7. Guest Lecture A road map to Agile methodology and cloud computing Techniques Mr.Rajagopalan Technology Lead, Investment Firm , Bangalore 25-02-2020 II CSE & III CSE
8. Internal Hackathon Smart India Hackathon Dr.S.Baghavathi Priya, Professor/CSE, Rajalakshmi Engineering College,Chennai 22/01/2020 RIT Students
9. Hackathon COVID 19 Virtual Hackathon Dr.L.Priya Associate Professor/IT, Rajalakshmi Engineering College,Chennai 25/04/2020 & 26/04/2020 RIT & other Institution students

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