Computer & Communication Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering


The Computer and communication engineering colleges in Chennai have designed their programs to take advantage of the latest technologies in computing by mastering communication techniques and applying them to develop algorithms, software, and operating systems. The key focus of this programme is to impart sound knowledge to the students on the Internet of Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence built on the foundation of modern communication technologies like analog and digital communication, cloud computing, big data analytics etc. Specifically, this programme focuses on various forms of both internet networking and broadband communication.

The essence of core knowledge on fundamental scientific ways of synthesizing communication technologies and resource management helps the students to find themselves most compatible with the development of futuristic technologies. This CCE programme provides the platform to design algorithms, solving problems and improve the efficiency of resource management which helps a budding engineer to synthesize, design and develop real-time applications like computer networking, cloud computing, database management systems etc.,

With CCE as a base, an outgoing engineer would pursue his/her Masters in any one of the specializations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile computing, cloud computing, software engineering or also in the stream of communication technologies like digital signal processing, communication systems, mobile computing or even in medical electronics.

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