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The Centre for AR VR & Hologram has been established in the year of 2020 to provide a platform to learn, apply, design, develop and realize the realities of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and hologram in inter-disciplinary domains. This Centre provides a platform to explore more research areas and nurture the learning skills among faculty and students of our college. This research Centre is sponsored by AICTE-MODROB. Seven projects that are related to AR, VR and gaming Technologies are completed through this Centre. Several industry resource people from various organizations, including Crion Technology, Aatral Creation, and Arena Training, led the workshop. Research proposals related to AR, VR and Gaming Technologies were submitted to the funding agencies SERB and DST and they are under evaluation

Objectives of the Centre

The objective is to provide a roadmap to budding engineers to become entrepreneurs and incubators in the future Technology and to support inter-disciplinary research and product development in collaboration with industries.>

Facilities Available

  • Microsoft Holo Lens industrial Edition 2
  • Oculus Quest 2 Advanced All-in one Virtual Reality Headset
  • VR Cardboard
  • Domo nHance VRF1 VR headset for android mobile phone
  • DomonHance VRF3 VR headset with headstrap
  • Google Cardboard VR headset 3D glasses
  • Colourful virtual reality 3D box VR headset and Simulation Centre Handheld Mini VRHeadset.

Details of Completed/Ongoing Projects

1) Virtual Campus Tour – MetaRIT v1.0 (VR) Virtual reality (VR) is a powerful and interactive technology that changes our life unlike any other. Virtual reality, which can also be termed as immersive multimedia, is the art of simulating a physical presence for the audience in places both real and imaginary. The objective is to make a virtual campus for RIT using a game engine (UNREAL Engine 5). The core of the metaverse is to facilitate the digital transformation in every aspect of our physical lives. The main goal is to make a digital copy of our RIT campus in virtual reality and The virtual world is simulated in the Head-mounted display (HMD).

2) Engine Assembly: The concept of the Engine assembly is completely a training based tutorial provided for the freshers by the automobile companies. This VR Engine Assembly project is here introduced to completely change the scenario of undertaking real time training. This software will be an actual twin for the real time engine assembly concept. The freshers will take up the training and assessment of assembling the engine virtually using the VR Engine Assembly software. This will help in avoiding creating damage to some most expensive engines and also the training time will be easily repeated until the fresher is clear in the concept.

3) AR Medicinal Plants (AR):MEDICINAL PLANTS AR is a mobile application built using AR technology. The motive of the application is to make people learn more about medicinal plants and their properties using augmented reality. With the AR camera of this application which uses image processing, the user can scan the generated QR code specifically made for each variety of medicinal plant. After the QR code is successfully scanned, the information about the plant will be augmented. Various types of information about the respective plant such as the Botanical name, English name, Tamil name, uses and advantages, etcetera will be augmented by the application. The user can interact with the augmented details about the respective plant. The instructions for “How to use the application” was added in the home page of the application. The user can access the AR camera in the home page to which a pleasant background music is also added.

4) RIT Buildings (AR): Augmented Reality has its origin from the word “Augment” meaning to add or enhance. Augmented Reality is a combination of a real and a computer-generated or virtual world. In the field of architecture, understanding a plain 2D building plans is a complex task for inexperienced people. With the developing technology like Augmented Reality, the difficulties faced by the various architects and their clients can be reduced. The main motive of the application is to make the complex 2D building plans and previous constructed buildings into an interactive 3D augmentation of the building. This project plays a vital role in providing a mobile application which helps anyone to visualise an interactive 3D augmented building model instead of carrying some building plan sheets or an image collection.

5)Scavenger Hunt (AR):Scavenger Hunt is a game based mobile application built using AR technology with the motive to create awareness of COVID-19. The theme of the game is similar to a treasure hunt, where user has to find answers & clues for many riddles and questions, accomplish a set of tasks/objectives in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Events conducted by the Centre during 2021-2022

  1. "Ideation on Non Traditional Machining Technology" conducted on 23rd May’ 2022 from 01.30 P.M to 02.30 P.M.
  2. "Impact of Intellectual Property Rights in Engineering Industries" conducted on 12th & 13th April’ 2022.
  3. "Research on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Materials for Space Exploration" conducted on 04th April’ 2022 from 05.00 P.M to 06.00 P.M.

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