Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Established in 2008, the best ece college in Chennai strives to offer quality education to aspiring engineers The department has well-experienced and dedicated faculty members and aims to impart sound knowledge and awareness in the latest trends in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The department has well-equipped laboratories to provide the students with the necessary and sufficient backing of practical knowledge, besides encouraging them to try out their innovative research and development ideas. These laboratories provide facilities in the areas of Electronic Devices and Circuits, Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, VHDL, Digital Signal Processing, Microwave Engineering and Optical Communication. The laboratories are also equipped with the latest versions of software like TANNER, Xilinx ISE, MATLAB, ORCAD, Keil etc. The faculties are engaged in research under six major research groups in the department: Signal & Speech Processing, Image & Video Processing, Embedded Systems & Robotics, Antenna, RF & Microwave circuit design, VLSI Design & Nanotechnology and Wireless Communication & Networking. Experts from the industry are periodically invited to give lectures/demonstrations to the students on the latest developments in the field. Students are given exposure to industries by industrial visits and industrial training session. Many co-curricular activities like conferences, workshops, technical quizzes, project exhibitions, design contests, paper presentations, etc are conducted by the department to prepare the students as a professional engineer. The students are working on various projects using SCILAB, MATLAB, LABVIEW, CST Studio, ADS, HFSS, XILINX, Tanner CICSO PACKET TRACER, GNS-3, NS-2, NS-3, Protues ISIS etc.
Vision of the Department

  • To initiate high quality technical education and to nurture young minds towards creative thinking that inspires them to undertake innovations in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and be competent in the global arena.
  • To Emphasize on the student body to carry out research for the service of our Nation and to the Society at large.

Mission of the Department

  • Constantly upgrade engineering pedagogy that caters to the growing challenges of the Industry.
  • Develop conceptual learning that leads towards critical and innovative thinking.
  • Establish good harmony with industry that fills the gap between academia and the outside world enabling the students to prepare for diverse and competitive career paths.
  • To endorse higher studies and pursue research in the ECE discipline with sensitivity towards societal requirements.

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