Electronics and Communication Engineering

MoU Details

Sl. No. Name of the collaborating agency with whom the MoU is made Year of signing MoU Actual activities under each MOU Fund in Rs
1 Infocepts Data & AI 2022-2023 Consultation Project and Faculty Training 225000
2 Ki Mobility Solution 2022-2023 Consultation Project and Faculty Training 175000
3 Set Connect 2022-2023 Technical Training on chargeble basis to student
4 KONE Elevator India Pvt Ltd. 2021-2022 Guest Lecture on Learnability Quotient (LQ)
5 Krish IT Solutions PVT Ltd 2021-2022 RIT will make available access to its academia and designate manpower to provide consultancy and related services to Krish IT. Any project may need additional investment shall be pr-approved by Krish IT.


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