About Centre

Centre for Internet of Things was established during the academic year 2017-18. Centre for Internet of things (CIoT) enables students to acquire knowledge in IoT domain. Students are motivated to implement their innovative ideas into a prototype IoT solutions using embedded development platform.

Objectives of the Centre

• To impart working knowledge in Internet of Things to all our students to train them at par with the requirement of the nation to become technocrats as well as entrepreneurs in IoT technology
• To identify research opportunities in IOT domain.
• To develop expertise in the field of IoT and transfer technologies to industries.
• To conduct and organize various Technical seminars/workshops in the field of embedded systems and IoT.

Facilities Available

The Centre for IoT (CIoT) is equipped with the following boards
• Aurdino Uno
• Aurdino Nano
• Nodmcu
• STM 32
• ARM freescale boards
• Texas Instruments Launch pad CC3200 LAUNCHXLA
• Texas Instruments Launch Pad Tiva C Series
• Texas Instruments Robotics Car
• Intel Galileo
• Sensors
The above facilities are used to design and develop IoT systems for various applications such as agriculture, health monitoring systems, autonomous vehicles, connected cars and home automation.

Details of Completed/Ongoing Projects

Health Monitoring System and Supervised Anomily Detecion Using Advanced Smart IoT Based Technology This project is used to monitor the health of the person routinely and based on the data, the person is advised medically and thereby we can prevent serious health issues before it reaches critical state. The person is monitored by checking Temperature, Oxygen saturation (Spo2) and Pulse rate periodically. These sensors take the reading from the person and the measured data is given to our embedded system for further process. Then based on the range of values given for each parameters, if the data is below or above the given range, then message will be sent to the Patient guardian and Personal doctor through SMS. The Data will be also sent to Health care professional through cloud/wireless platform for further Health proposal. If the person is normal means the values will be stored to the cloud for future purpose. This advanced Health monitoring system is useful for many old age persons and during the pandemic situations like COVID.

Smart energy monitoring and theft detection using IOT Every year, electricity thefts increase in both domestic and industrial domains, affecting the country's economic status. Several wireless communication methods are available to detect power theft, however they lack the necessary infrastructure to be used. The project's goal is to create a system for monitoring power consumption by load and detecting and eliminating power theft in transmission lines and energy meters. This initiative also focuses on transmitting theft information to the Electricity Board (EB) via IoT. Because a network of linked devices, such as sensors, can exchange real-time information over the internet, it is possible to exchange real-time information. The Arduino Nano is used in this project to detect power theft and send commands to the GSM and Wi-Fi modules, which send the theft information message to EB. This system's deployment will assist in saving a significant quantity of electricity.

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