About Centre

The Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Centre (C3 Centre) at the Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology has been established to provide a center of expertise in the technology and management of cyber security, cybercrime and how to secure data in Cloud. C3 Centre provides training, teaching and research in the fast-paced topics of cyber security and Cloud Computing.

Objectives of the Centre

• To investigate the nature of modern threats posed to information infrastructures.
• To understand the advanced fields of computer science which involves use of Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technology and Information Sciences in discovering new information and knowledge from large databases and optimize Human effort overall.
• To investigate and develop tools and techniques that will allow the identification and assessment of vulnerabilities of information systems
• To suggest some countermeasures for the future challenges to be faced in cloud computing.

Facilities Available

1. 25 Desktops with i7 processor
2. Intel Xeon server
RAX is our most flexible line of rackmount servers, ranging in size from 1U to 4U and featuring a proven, high level of reliability and performance. Our next generation line of RAX Servers provide support for the latest technologies in CPU, GPU, Storage, Networking and Memory, while leveraging industry-leading performance-per-watt savings.

Details of Completed/Ongoing Projects

1. Car Key Fob Reply Attack

2. DMR Voice Tracking using SDR

3. Keystroke Attack

Events conducted by the Centre during 2021-2022

Recent Cyber Security Threats

Date of Event: 24th April 2022, @1.30PM Event Venue: Green Block - Auditorium Number of Participates: 100 Resource Person: Mr. Varun Chandrasekhar, Founder-Axiom Consulting, Chennai. The Center for Cyber Security and Cloud Computing (C3 - Centre) conducted a technical seminar on "Recent Cyber Security Threats" on April 24, 2022. The session was open to all students at the centre, and Dr. P. K. Nagarajan, the RIT Principal, inaugurated the session and welcomed the speaker, Mr. Varun Chandrasekhar. The Speaker Mr. Varun Chandrasekhar, Founder of Axiom Consulting in Chennai, addressed gathering on a real-time application exclusively designed for public internet users, a range of security challenges and risks. Participants got the opportunity to discuss various cyber security issues and related strategies throughout the session. The following topics were covered: a brief history of cyber security and its current state, Types of cyber-attacks, supply chain assaults, poor cyber hygiene, ransomware, a few examples of cyber-attacks, and ultimately, how can we protect ourselves. Participants' feedback was collected at the end of the session, and an assessment quiz exam was conducted to ensure seminar understanding. Statistics on feedback and assessments are included.

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