Name of the Faculty Coordinator Dr S K Rajesh Kanna
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Mechanical Engineering


  • The purpose of this document is to provide in succinct form club procedures of administration and operation established by Chennai district rotary resolutions adopted and remaining in effect for the guidance and assistance of future district and club officers.
  • If at any time, policies or procedures enumerated herein appear to be in conflict with the policies of Rotary International as stated in Rotary international portal, those stated in the Manual of Procedure will prevail.
  • Any discrepancies noted or interpreted will be immediately brought to the attention of the RIT Rotaract faculty Coordinator.

Events Organized:


Rotaract has received many awards for its achievements

Guru Vanakkam

Wishing the faculty members during their birthdays and wedding days throughout the year. Teachers make the student to higher position, students of RIT submitting the thanks by wishing the faculty members.

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 06th Sep 2021. Students wished all the teachers by giving a small gift and the self-made invitations. Every year Rotaract students are conducting the event in order to honor the teachers.

Vinayagar Chaturthi

The Rotaract club celebrated the vinayagar chaturthi on 09th Sep 2021 at Green building. Events : Idol decorations, Lightning lamps, Pooja, Food and sweet dedication to Vinayargar, Sweet and snacks distribution, Dissolving idol in water, Fun games of making Vinayagar idol shapes. Other events in association with Yuva, cultural and Tamil club were also organised.

Little Krishna

It the event the students of RIT celebrated the Krishna Jayanthi function with the Street vision orphanage students on 29th Aug 2021.

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