Name of the Faculty Coordinator Ms.C.Kalaiselvi
Designation Associate Professor
Department H&S

Objectives: To boost the Students' self-efficacy and confidence through navigating the wards to overcome their inhibitions while expressing their opinions and to escalate the LSRW skills (Listening, Speaking, reading and Writing), problem solving and crisis management strategies by engaging and energizing them in literary activities encapsulated in the fun-filled vicinity.

Events Organized:

S.No Name of the Event Date
1 Tamil Elocution, English Elocution &Debate(Between REC & RIT) 15/08/2021
2 Debate (Engineer’s Day) 15/09/2021
3 Skit – “SHE” is a warrior 1/10/2021
4 Essay Writing, poem(Women Empowerment& Mahaka Bharathiyar Birthday) 11/12/2021
5 “Matribhasha Diwas” International Mother Language Day 21/02/2022
6 World Theatre Day“ Soliloquies of Expressionism” 26/03/2022
7 An overview on International Language Testing System (IELTS) 16/4/2022
8 Introduction to Kine Master – Part I 28.04.2022
9 Electric Vehicle (Ev) - An Over View 11.05.2022


Engineer’s Day- Debate

The entire video lecture contains the introduction of 3D printing in which students from the mechanical department have briefly explained the definition of 3D Printing in a more easy manner. Following this, the following areas of application have been touched to explore the possibility of usage of 3D printing technology in various fields. Apart from the implementation of 3D machineries in the area of automobiles, jewelry, on-shoring and space exploration have been emphasized. Besides, raw materials used in the area of 3D Printing also touched upon towards getting awareness on choosing the different materials. As well, future scope of fused deposition modeling also explained and their overwhelming uses in various fields have been discussed.

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration 2021

We celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi every year to maintain and respect the old dignity. It also encourages us to follow in the footsteps of the great leader Gandhi. To celebrate his birthday we have conducted many events and competitions in the inter-college level through our reputed clubs on 1st October 2021.

Mahakavi Barathiyar Birthday

On the occasion of 139th birthday celebration of this great legend, the Women Empowerment Cell, Cultural Cell, Language Club and Tamil Club (Vaarithi Tamil Kuzhumam) of Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology collaboratively present the event “DEIVAMAKAVI” on 11.12.2021 from 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM at GB2-02(Green Building II floor).

The World Theatre Day

This is to bring your kind notice that Fusion Club has planned to conduct an event to celebrate World Theatre Day, (March 27, 2022) prior to 26.03.2022. Skit and Soliloquies are the main events to be performed on that particular day.

An Overview on International Language Testing System (IELTS)

Fusion-Language club conducted an overview on International Languague Testing System(IELTS) on 16th April 2022 at 1.30pm. As a part of this seminar, Mrs.Lavanya of H&S department presented a ppt on importance of IELTS. Around 40 students registered for the event. All the participants assembled in the first floor Green building to know about the essentialities of IELTS examination.

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