Student Testimonials


2013-2017 batch CSE
Deputy Manager

RIT has provided me a wonderful environment and opportunity to learn and grow myself academically as well as to secure placement in a corporate company with its best placement services.


2012 - 2016 batch Mech
Senior Application Engineer - Customer Relations

I am really proud to an RITian. The pride takes its shape from the skills I learnt from my college. The experience I had during the four productive years in my college evolved me into the man I am today. Memories and professional learnings. I carried with me out of that campus, will be cherished for my entire life.


2014 - 2018 batch Mech

Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology has provided me with a very good platform to realize and explore my inherent potential for engineering. This led to the possibility of obtaining research funding from Institution of Engineers, India. With the support of the Management and the tutelage of my professors especially Dr. S. K. Rajesh Kanna and Mr. N. Lingaraj, it was possible to complete the research project "Characterization of Ti alloy Metal matrix Comosite for Aircraft Turbine Engine Blade" and publish my work in a journal. I consider this experience to be one of my life time achievements. I am overwhelmed to be an Alumnus of RIT for transforming me into an Enginerring Professional.


2013 - 2017 batch ECE
Product Specialist

RIT is a place where I spent 4 years of golden times with lots of memories to cherish till my lifetime. It is a place which is close to my heart. Faculty members are a gem who taught me technology and many new ideologies which helped me learn better. Infrastructure and facilities are so good now as it was originally when this institution was launched in 2008 with a single building. The reason behind me being successful in my career is because of RIT. I would even say RIT is a right choice for one to pursue their Engineering degree.


2009 - 2013 batch Mech
PhD Student

"I feel extremely happy and lucky to be a part of RIT alumni. The staff from the mechanical department were super energetic in helping us a lot in aspects of understanding the core concepts. Apart from the syllabus, we were taught with a lot of practical engineering problems. The staff at the institute appreciated us in executing projects of our interest,also they shared their knowledge and actively worked together with us for the projects. The personality development sessions were highly effective in boosting the confidence to face the outside world. Thank you so much!"


2011 - 2015 batch Mech
IT Analyst

To begin with I would like to express my heartiest thanks to RIT. I extend my warm regards to my dept, the Dept. of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING which has immensely helped me succeed. My career knowledge was fully shaped up during the four years of my college life. The training and placement opportunities they gave was the major key to achieve my dreams and goats. I learned many things that are needed for my personal improvement. I would proudly say RAJALAKSHMI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is the sole responsibility for the guy who I am right now.


2014 - 2018 batch Mech
Application Engineer

I am really grateful to Rajalakshmi institute of technology and Dr. S K Rajesh Kanna and Mr. N. Lingaraj for giving me a path-breaking opportunity i.e. they trained me from the scratch and up to the level of preparing a research project proposal. before and after getting the funding for the project. staffs. and management supported me a lot in all the aspects like guidance for applying mechanisms and execution towards completion of the research project. The education and experience which I gained at this institution are terrific and that only helped me to become a great professional in my career.


2011 - 2015 batch ECE
IT Analyst

Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology is where I spent 4 wonderful years of college life. It is the place where I made a lot of friends, learnt a lot of technologies and skills which has made me the professional I am today. The Infrastructure setup has grown considerably since the time I graduated out of college. If you have the hunger to learn, the faculty members are always ready to help and guide you in the right direction. This is the place where you can bond, have fun, make memories and learn all the while transitioning into a professional for a successful career.


2012 - 2016 batch ECE
Technical Consultant

It's always been a big dream to do my graduation from a top institution and I feel that I had made a right decision joining Rajalakshmi Institutions. The quality of professors gives it a high academic level with their strong experience and abilities. I had an excellent exposure during my placement training and during my preparation for campus drive. I got into L&T Infotech through campus placement I would like to take moment to thank the institution and its faculty who had helped me to achieve my goal. I owe my success to 'Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology' and I feel proud of being an alumni of RIT


2012 -2016 batch EEE

Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology is one of the top colleges in Chennai. where you can enrich your knowledge in your 4 years of studying engineering. The management and the faculty know what is exactly needed to mould the students to professionals. Certification Courses, Personality Development Programs. Guest Lectures, Industrial Visits are some of the key aspects offered by RIT to the students. RIT offered me the complete package that is required for a student to get ready for the professional life, with all the great support from the management and the faculty. I got placed in a leading MNC. BorgWarner Cooling Systems India Pvt. Ltd


2008 - 2012 batch Mech
Deputy Manager

One would extremely feel proud to have studied in this esteemed institution, but me as a part of the 2008-2012 batch will take more pride as a member of the first batch to emerge as a successful engineer in today's competitive engineering world. When we think about our college days, we still remember there was a lot of responsibility on our shoulders not only to put ourselves with a lot of qualities to compete with other engineers in and out of college but also to showcase this esteemed institution to the world, we can confidently say we as alumni had done our best to make the above statement true today because of the way the college has grown is the clear proof for it. In this journey of the first batch & alumni of RIT, we had a lot of memories to carry and cherish forever, and I am very sure we never had any stress even hold such high responsibilities as I told above. I can finish by saying for the majority of people, college days are the best phase of one's life as it is for me, and I must thank RIT for providing me such an environment for spending the best phase of my life and hope it's the same for many.

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