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Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering is a branch that deals with the development and application of computer system and software. This branch demands a sound knowledge of mathematical and science which form an integral part of any engineering discipline. This field covers area such as Algorithms, Computer Architecture and organization, Computer System Engineering, Circuits and Signals, Database Systems, Digital Logic, Digital Signal Processing, Electronics, Embedded Systems, Human - Computer Interaction, Operating Systems, Web Technology, Programming Fundamentals, Social and Professional Issues, Software Engineering, VLSI Design and Fabrication.

To empower the students with high quality technical education in the field of Computer Science and Engineering to face the challenges of modern computing industry and research for the positive contributions to the society.

To produce globally competent and highly employable professionals, who will be innovative in solving real world problems.

To train the students with high ethical values to serve the society efficiently in their profession.

To promote research activities the students and faculty members that could fortify industry academic community connections.