Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Electronics and Communication Department has well equipped laboratories to cover the Anna University Syllabus and to support all research activities.

Circuits and Devices Lab – I Year
The Circuits and Devices Laboratory of ECE department at RIT provides the foundation of electronics engineering. It helps the students to acquire basic knowledge about the electronic devices like diode, transistor, optoelectronic devices and thyristor families. All the device characteristics are studied. With hands on experience , Students can able to understand circuit theorems principle and can able to measure the circuit characteristics. This lab is intended for the beginners for testing and practicing their theoretical knowledge by designing the hardware circuits.

Analog and Digital Circuits Lab – II Year
Using Electronic devices the students can able to design and analyze the electronic circuits and its characteristics. And also the results can be verified by using the software. The students are able to design and test the various digital circuits using the trainer kits .

Students have imported knowledge of design of differential amplifier, Integrator, differentiator, Instrumentation amplifier, various filters along with the design of PLL, Power supplies and Timers.

Circuits and Simulation Integrated Lab – II Year
Various Electronic Circuits using discrete components can de designed and analyzed. The same can be simulated and verified using simulator software.

Digital Signal Processing Lab - III Year
DSP Lab is equipped with SCILAB / MATLAB simulation tools and Digital Signal Processors (TMS320C 6713 and TMS320C 5416) with the compiler Code Composer Studio. The lab content delivery methodology is focusing on making the students to develop the algorithms for a given signal processing task by their own and simulate it in SCILAB/MATLAB. Many artificial intelligence system models using 1-D and 2-D signals have been developed through this laboratory.

Communication Systems Lab – III Year
Communication systems Lab is equipped with MATLAB/SCILAB simulation tools and several Modulation and Demodulation kits. The lab content delivery methodology is focusing on making the students to develop the algorithms and simulink model for a communication system and task by their own and simulate it in SCILAB/MATLAB and also the practical implementation of different methods of modulation is done using hardware kits. The performance of such systems are measured and analysed using highly advanced Digital storage oscilloscope.

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab – III Year
This lab gives students the practical exposure to Assembly language programming of microprocessors and microcontrollers, computer architecture of 8088/8086/8051 microprocessor family, assembly program development using debugger software, use of flow charts and other aids in software development, memory and I/O interfacing circuitry for microprocessors, interrupts, serial and parallel data communications. The lab also hosts hardware projects in more advanced areas.

VLSI Design Lab – III Year
The VLSI laboratory is well equipped with the industry standard VLSI EDA tools and hardware resources. The laboratory provides hands-on experience to students in the field of analog and digital circuit design. The laboratory is designed to expose the students to a set of tools for CMOS design, starting with SPICE circuit simulation and leading to physical layout, design rule checking, and extracted circuit simulation. Students gain knowledge in using EDA tools to design, simulate, and verify schematics and layout of logic gates. It also serves to facilitate design and implementation of digital design on FPGA

Communication Networks Lab – III Year
The performance of different types of protocols has been analyzed. Various networking topologies are implemented and analyzed. The students get hands on with experiments using LAN Trainer Kits which help to monitor network usage and bandwidth.

Embedded Lab – IV Year
This lab provides a broad range of foundational skills that apply across all embedded computer system application areas.. The lab content delivery methodology is focusing on making the students to develop the solution for the given problem in embedded domain. The Solution is given by simulating the developed Embedded C code in Keil µVision Compiler and executing the code on the ARM Processor Kit via Flash Magic Tool. Many Real time Applications in Embedded domain have been developed through this laboratory.

Advanced Communication Lab – IV Year

The Optical and Microwave laboratory of ECE department at RIT is effectively imparting technical knowledge to the students in high frequency domain. Optical and MW Lab is equipped with Microwave sources (KLYSTRON and GUNN) ,Optical sources(LED and LASER) and Measuring equipments(VSWR Meter, Optical Power Meter and CRO) . The lab content delivery methodology is focusing on making the students to design antennas, filters, power dividers etc by their own and simulate it in CST-STUDIO / HFSS. Many active and passive components(Antennas, Filters, Power dividers etc) have been developed through this laboratory. Using fiber trainer kits students can able to establish communication links.

The objective of establishing this "Centre for Internet of things is
• To impart working knowledge in Internet of Things to all our students
• To train the students at par with the requirement of the nation to become technocrats as well as entrepreneurs in IoT technology.

As part of the Digital India initiative, Government of India aims at ‘transforming India into digital empowered society and knowledge economy’. Students are motivated to implement their innovative ideas. Our students have participated in various hackathons organized by the government and other organizations at national level. Periodically, renowned experts from industry and academia will be invited to present on emerging trends in IoT and necessary trainings will be arranged along with the industry partners to update our students on the technological developments.

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