Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is a 4-year undergraduate Engineering Degree programme. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are one of the most rapidly growing technology which has high lucrative prospects across the globe in all industries. This course aims to bring up the budding engineers as connoisseurs in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other underlying fields of Artificial Intelligence. A well-deployed teaching-learning process of Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology inculcates the young aspiring minds of the students by analyzing the learning needs of every student and providing a conducive environment for learning with parental care.

The core Faculty team with well-experienced, dedicated, highly qualified and expertise in the domain area of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science augments the learning capabilities of the students and facilitate them to understand the fundamental concepts through innovative methods of teaching. The leading Artificial Intelligence and Data Science colleges in Chennai provide high-end processing systems with seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, essential software and tools for students to apply learning from theory classes to the real world and analyse their results.

Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology has established a Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to provide a conducive platform for students and faculty to carry out research projects and implement innovative ideas that evolve in multi-disciplinary domains. This Centre periodically organize hands-on training, workshops and seminars to students to make them technically vibrant and actively take part in co-curricular activities to showcase their talents. Through periodical interaction with various industries, the industrial needs of the engineers are observed and accordingly the students are trained to be ready to meet the industry expectations. Internships are arranged during the Summer/Winter vacation period in leading industries and organizations to provide real-time exposure to students in the work atmosphere. Once a semester, industrial visits are arranged for students to observe and understand the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in real scenarios.

This four-year degree programme will certainly provide a roadmap to advance the profession and career growth of the students. As it is the emerging field with a wider scope in all industrial sectors, a professional degree with strong knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and its methods along with the techniques to solve and visualize the solution with Data Science builds up the self-confidence in minds of budding engineers to become a successful and highly demanded professional in the society.

Having a B Tech degree in AI and Data Science may open the door to new and exciting career paths. Possible jobs include data scientist, machine learning specialist, or computer engineer. Since this is an emerging technology, jobs may become available in a few years that do not exist today.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science prepares students not only to develop artificial intelligence applications, such as speech recognition, facial recognition, and language translation but also can develop strong analytical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities that benefit graduates personally and professionally. Graduates may also develop proficiency in data mining and analysis that will open doors in a diverse range of industries.

The major objectives of the course - B.Tech in Artificial and Data Science are:

  • To mould the budding engineers to expertise in Data Science and its subdomains.
  • To enable the students to understand the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science through a practical approach.
  • To train the students to conceptualize the ideas by developing products and solutions to real-world problems.

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