Mechanical Engineering



  • This Lab introduces students to software and equipments associated with CAD/CAM .
  • This Lab helps students to build their basic concepts about CAD/CAM.
Basic Equipment’s available
  • Computer systems,
  • CNC turning machine,
  • CNC milling machine, 3D Printer,
  • CNC Wood Router Machine,
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

Engineering Metrology & Measurement Lab
  • Metrology & Measurements Laboratory deals with Calibration of instruments, Measuring Technique and Analysis of errors in measuring instruments.
Basic Equipment’s available
  • Profile Projector,
  • Pneumatic Comparator
  • Temperature measurement
  • Torque Measurement
  • Force Measurement
  • Vernier height gauge
  • Vernier Depth Gauge
  • Digital vernier & Digital Microscope
  • Sine Bar
  • Gear Tooth vernier

Dynamics of Machinery Lab
  • The Dynamics lab highlights on dynamic analysis of machine parts. The lab figures out the student with fundamentals of dynamics of machine members theoretically and experimentally.
Basic Equipment’s available
  • Gyroscopic Unit
  • Universal Governor
  • Static and Dynamic Balancing apparatus
  • Vibration test rig
  • CAM apparatus
  • Whirling speed of shaft apparatus
  • Universal Vibration test rig.

Mechatronics Lab
  • Mechatronics Laboratory deals with modeling, simulation, analysis and experimentation of simple to complex mechatronic systems consisting of real time sensors, drive systems and control systems. This lab is of interdisciplinary nature.
Basic Equipment’s available
  • Multiprocessor Station (Control of Fluid level, flow, temperature and pressure)
  • Hydraulic trainer kit
  • Pneumatic trainer kit
  • PLC trainer kit
  • Microcontroller kit
  • AC Servomotor controller kit
  • PID Controller kit, Fluid SIM simulation software

Manufacturing Technology
  • This lab gives the theory and practices of the various operations that can be performed in lathe, shaper, drilling, milling machines etc. and to equip with the practical knowledge required in the core industries.
Basic Equipment’s available
  • Centre lathe
  • Turret and Capstan lathe
  • All geared lathe
  • Shaping machine and Slotting machine.
  • Horizontal Milling Machine
  • Vertical Milling Machine
  • Centre less Grinding Machine
  • Cylindrical Grinding Machine
  • Surface Grinding Machine
  • Gear Hobbing Machine
  • Tool & Cutter Grinder

Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab
  • This lab runs in conjunction with the theory course Fluid Mechanics and Machinery. It is an introductory course where application of Bernoulli's equation and performance of hydraulic machines are introduced.
Basic Equipment’s available
  • Orifice Meter
  • Venturi Meter
  • Rota meter
  • Pipe flow analysis setup
  • Centrifugal/Submergible pump setup
  • Reciprocating pump setup
  • Gear pump setup
  • Pelton Wheel turbine setup
  • Francis Turbine and Kaplan turbine setup.

Strength of Materials Lab
  • In this lab the experiments are performed to measure the properties of the materials such as impact strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness, ductility etc.
Basic Equipment’s available
  • Universal testing machine
  • Torsion testing machine
  • Impact testing machine
  • Brinell hardness testing machine
  • Rockwell hardness testing machine
  • Deflection test apparatus
  • Muffle furnace
  • Tension and compression spring test machine
  • Rosette strain gauge

Engineering Practices Lab (Group-A Mechanical & Civil)
  • To familiarize with the basic manufacturing processes, civil work and to study the various tools and equipment used, hands-on training is given in different sections. Essentially student should know the labour involved, machinery or equipment necessary, time required to fabricate and also should be able to estimate the cost of the product or job work.
Basic Equipment’s available
  • Power tools:
    • Rotary hammer,
    • Demolition hammer,
    • Circular jaw,
    • Wood planer,
    • Jig saw,
    • Drilling machine.
  • Carpentry vice & tools
  • Plumping joints & Valves
  • Arc & gas welding equipment’s & tools
  • Centre lathe,
  • Moulding box & foundry tools
  • Hearth furnace & smithy tools
  • Centrifugal pump and Air conditioner

Thermal Lab
  • This lab consists of different engines, which deals with performance test on an engine, retardation test, Morse test, heat balance test ,find out viscosity of fluids, flash & fire point of given fuels and also deals with port timing and valve timing diagrams. Primarily deals with three topics Viz, Conduction, convection, radiation. To familiarize the former mentioned concepts practically the following experiments are done in the laboratory
Basic Equipment’s available
  • 2 stroke, 4 stroke engine cut model
  • Single cylinder petrol engine
  • Single cylinder diesel engine with mechanical & hydraulic loading
  • Redwood viscometer
  • Flash and fire point apparatus
  • 4 cylinder petrol engine with electrical loading
  • Twin cylinder diesel engine with electrical loading
  • Guarded Plate Apparatus
  • Lagged Pipe Apparatus
  • Natural Convection apparatus
  • Pin Fin
  • Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus
  • Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
  • Parallel Flow and Counter Flow Heat Exchanger
  • Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor
  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioner
  • Forced Convection Heat Pipe
  • Composite Wall
  • Insulating Powder Apparatus





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